(due to confidentiality, names have been removed)

I was facing some difficult situations and I had requested to meet with the Jail Chaplain. I began opening about my issues with Chaplain Dallas and how there were things that I was trying to take care of but wasn't able to due to being locked up. Chaplain Dallas then began to express that we can't always control the situations that come our way. He began to express that we all face this thing called "Life" and we can't always control the outcome of it, but when we put our trust in God, our worries and concerns are taken care of by God. Chaplain Dallas expressed that he couldn't guarantee the outcome of this situation but could guarantee that if I trust God that He will take care of it. Later, got a call about the situation and that it was taken care of! Goes to show what God is willing to do when we put our trust in Him! Thank you God!


I was facing a chance of losing my kids. I had charges against me that said I neglected my children. Even though I know I messed up, I know I cared for my children. I was scared and was afraid of my situation. I requested to visit with the chaplain and began to explain my situation. I was crying when Chaplain Dallas simply encouraged me. He began to talk about how God's love and mercy is for everyone who wants it. Long story short, we ended with prayer and I had decided to put my hand in God's hand and let Him lead me as Chaplain Dallas suggested. Later, I had received news that seven of the thirteen charges that were against me, were taken away! C.P.S. visited my family and were convinced that I did indeed take care of my children. I know I have other charges I am still facing, but I know that if I trust God that my future will be taken care of!


(The following was an update from a former inmate)

I reached 5 months clean yesterday! I've got 11 days left of my sentence and 53 days left total. I signed the lease to my new 2 bedroom apartment and move in when sentence is done.

I've also bought my daughter school clothes and been able to help her with things here and there. Which I started saving $20 a week towards her getting a car once she is 16. Once I'm off the bracelet I'm gonna save $50 a week. She is holding the money and she refuses to spend it because it's for a car.

We also have a trip planned to Great America with my sister since I will finally be off the bracelet!

I finally opened up to my daughter and told her about my overdose on March 28th. She never really knew about my drug use before that, but we have gotten so close and she was tired of me keeping secrets from her so I trusted her with that secret.

I quit smoking cigarettes after 22 years.

I got my license back after 12 years with NO DRIVING RESTRICTIONS! I also got my junky car registered.  But 2 days ago was blessed to borrow a $1700 loan from my oldest sister and bought a brand new (new to me) 2006 Chevy Malibu! It's the nicest car I've ever owned and I love it. I now have 2 Cars registered I'm keeping my junker as a spare.

I'm working 6 days a week landscaping but going to be starting a 2nd job working for my sister at her new ice cream shop. I'm also planning on going to school once I'm done with my landscaping job and keeping my part time job! 

I'm so excited and happy and proud of myself for turning my entire life around! And so very grateful to God each and every day for making my dreams come true. 


-Former Inmate